A Minimalist’s Train of Thought

Anyone that knows me knows I lead a very minimalistic lifestyle now. You have no choice when you don’t have a permanent home. I believe less is more, which is a big reason A Minimalist’s Train of Thought resonated with me when a friend sent it to me today:

Less money spent means more money saved


More money saved means the longer you can live in financial peace and security


Financial peace and security comes from owning less


Less stuff owned means less to carry around, move or have to travel with


Less responsibility for your stuff also means less maintenance and more time


The more time you have, the more relaxed you will feel


The more relaxed you are, the less you will care about stuff


If you care less about stuff, it means you’ll care less about image


If you care less about image, you will care more about experiences and memories


If you care more about experiences and memories, you will be happier with less


If you are happier with less, you’ll never want or need for more


The less you want or need for more, the more you will feel free


– The Everyday Minimalist

[via Corinne via everydayminimalist.com]

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