What type of environment are we building?

  1. Every employee MUST travel for 3 weeks per year. If you’re not addicted to traveling, you should probably look elsewhere for a job.
  2. Location independent lifestyle – want to work in Barcelona, Beijing, or Chiang Mai? Fine with us as long as you are a doer.
  3. No B players – We don’t tolerate B, or C players. Work with only the brightest minds around.
  4. Life is about more than money – If you’re passionate about travel, you’re probably already in the mindset that money doesn’t buy happiness. If you are in the “money buys happiness” mindset, start looking elsewhere for a career.
  5. 10% of your time spent working on whatever you want (related to travel).

Currently seeking the following positions:

  • Senior Web Engineer
  • Community/Marketing Manager – More Info
  • Community/Marketing Interns

Are you passionate about travel, a get shit done person, love web technology, and believe anything is possible? Figure out how to get introduced to me via someone I know.

– Drew Meyers

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