What is the True Cost of Abundance?

One of my friends sent me a link to Contrast of Abundance written by Shelley Lewis on HuffPost Impact. I loved this paragraph:

As we consider how we educate children in this increasingly interconnected world, why don’t we start by basing our educational philosophies on the notion that the human relationship, the bonding and love which is shared in such a paradigm are just as important as any facts the teacher can impart to the child. Thereby, accomplishment can be measured by a sense of self and value for others not simply by what grades you receive. Schooling, housing, food and sanitation are all important but each human being needs the sustenance of the heart, a deep sense of emotional well being and strengthening of imagination to find meaning in one’s life. These qualities of spiritual enrichment are necessary to excel in the world of tomorrow, to dream beyond the norm and strive to fulfill a sustainable future.

Every time I read an article like this I think back to my time in the Dominican RepublicKenya, and Ghana – and realize that traveling abroad for the first time in 2005 was the best thing I ever could have done for myself. If it weren’t for that initial trip, who knows, maybe I never would have made it to those other places and instead sat inside the friendly confines of the United States for my whole life (though I admit that’s doubtful given my group of friend’s travel habits).

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