Travel Inspiration: Thoughts from Andrea Nicholas

Today I have Andrea Nicholas here to talk about her travels, work and passions. Andrea has been one of our earliest globetrotters utilizing Oh Hey World, and I’m as excited as you to learn a bit more about her…and hope to meet her in person at some on the travel trail.

1) What do you do?

andrea nicholasCurrently, I’m buying one way tickets around Europe and just living moment by moment! For the past two and a half months, I’ve been living in Switzerland and nannying for a lovely family here. I intend to keep traveling around, doing exchange work, teaching English, and nannying.

2) Why do you do what you do?

The summer before last, I realized that I was living “in” the future. Essentially, I had this idea built up in my head that whenever I hit a certain point, my life would really begin. A lot of inner-work and great conversations helped me realize that the Present moment is the place to be! The thing is, we’ll never be satisfied with reaching _____, because there will always be something else in the future that we crave.

3) What are you most excited about right now?

Each and every moment! Especially with the traveling that I’m doing, it’s really easy to build future experiences up. Sometimes, I find myself getting more excited about a upcoming event than whatever I’m doing in the moment. Whenever this happens, I just have to center myself and find contentment in the Now.

4) What’s next for you?

I haven’t officially announced it yet, but now is as good of a time as any – I’m going to Cyprus! For three months, I’ll be living at Green Rays of Light Garden. GROL garden is an organic garden with a strong emphasis on permaculture and is in the midst of developing a holistic community. People there enjoy meditation, yoga, and living at a high-vibrational state. I am incredibly excited spend time there and know I will learn so much about both mother earth and myself. (Also, living in the Mediterranean doesn’t exactly sound bad!)

5) What’s a cause you’re passionate about and why?

A cause I’m very passionate about is the promotion of sustainable living. This is one of the reasons I’m so looking forward to my time in Cyprus. While I’ve had small gardens in the past, I’m going to be learning a lot about creating and maintaining sustainable food sources. If we all do our part to reduce our “footprints,” we can do so much to help our planet get back to its natural state.

A big thanks to Andrea for sharing her successes and projects; if you’d like to connect or find out more about Andrea’s recent travels, you can find him on his OHW profile.

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