Best English Breakfast in Chiang Mai? ?A Full “English” Review of UN Bar

Like many of you, I’m a sucker for a great English breakfast. Virtually every single morning while living in Santorini in the summer of 2010, my friends and I would get up, head to either Atlas or Beach Bar, and order an amazing English breakfast (many days with hang overs in full effect). Wherever I go, I usually try to find the best english breakfast I can find — since many places serve what I categorize as “crappy” English breakfasts.

Anthony Middleton at was “that guy” in the I Love Chiang Mai Facebook group who wanted to know where the best English Breakfast was in Chiang Mai. A few responses later in the thread, UN Bar (an Irish bar) was the chosen winner — and Anthony was off to try it.

The following is a full “English” review of the UN bar in Chiang Mai from Anthony that he posted in the I Love Chiang Mai group. As Joel Ward mentioned, this is better than the vast majority of blogs posts that I read — so I thought it only fitting that it got posted on a blog — and not stay hidden in the archives of the I Love Chiang Mai Facebook group. Enjoy…

Well it started pretty sweet, because the incredibly rude guy wasn’t working today. The short and stocky one, who obviously thinks that I was Attila the Hun in a past life.

I actually opted for the Irish breakfast as it provided the golden challis of the UK breakfast: the bean.

Toast: nice and soft and already buttered – nice touch. But not just slapped on, evenly spread while still hot, so it soaked right in. Good work!

Eggs: I got poached and they were bloody lovely.

Mushrooms: Not too shabby, but quite small.

Tomato: Perfect, almost brought a tear to my eye.

Bacon: Too much grissle and not enough meat, yo!

Sausage: A bit skinny for my liking.

And of course, the mighty bean. The Kate Beckinsale of the English breakfast: Piping hot, but a bit hard on the inside. Think it’s an Asian thing, my heart cries out for Heinz.

Special touches: Had to refrain from hugging and proposing to the waitress when she gave me a bottle of BROWN SAUCE, baby! 🙂

Coffee: VILE! I’m a tea drinker, but would rather eat my own fingers than drink Lipton. I don’t get why the coffee is so consistently bad (and cold) over here.

Didn’t even finish it, bleurgh!

Full English Experience: 7/10. I’m happy enough. If you mixed in Lauren’s shout of a ‘Blue Diamond’ coffee – it’d be a solid 8.5 😉

“Operation Full English” is still an ongiong process. Yes, I totally just wrote this.

Love it. I’m totally going to hit up the UN Bar for a splendid English breakfast really soon…

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