Cost of Renting a Car in Saint Thomas – aka How to Get Raped

If you’re planning to visit Saint Thomas – it’s a good bet that you’ll need a rental car. In fact, after being here for two weeks, I know you will. You literally can’t do much of anything on this island without a car.

What does it cost for a rental car here in Saint Thomas in the US Virgin Islands? Well,I thought it was only $50 per day, but it turns out we ended up paying about $80 a day because we opted for the insurance (mistake #1).

A $945 bill for less than 10 days? Umm, yea, we got royally raped on that one.

Someone (aka me?) should start a business doing short term car rentals in Saint Thomas. Buy a vehicle for $4,000-5,000, rent it for $500 per month, and pay off the whole car in 8 months. Sounds like a good business idea to me.

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