Gen Y Travel Blog Carnival — 6th Edition

Welcome to the 6th edition of Gen Y Travel Blog Carnival!! And wow, what a number of quality travel posts to sort through for this edition. I’m no rookie when it comes to Blog Carnivals, since I managed the Carnival of Real Estate for several years while I worked at However, this is my first time hosting a non-real estate blog carnival in the 5 years I’ve been blogging. Since I’m a big fan of personal voice, it was certainly a strong consideration in my selection process; and if I opened a post that was submitted and was bombarded with Google Adsense all over the page, that was a good indicator that the post wasn’t going to make the cut. I know from experience that great writers care about their personal brand and are not ONLY writing to make money, so those are the blog posts I focused my time on.

Here we go, with the best of the best for the month of December (in no particular order except the winner at the bottom)!!

How to sell everything you own to travel the world posted at Where Is Jenny. There is no way I could have ignored this one, since I’m such a huge proponent of traveling and living with minimal material possessions. I need to take a few tips from Jenny and dump everything I own before I move sometime in February.

Poi posted 100 Days of Travel & 100 Reasons to Love It! over at No Place To Be. I love Poi’s 10 reasons to love traveling; my favorites from the list are #2 (being lazy), #7 (beer is cheap), and # 9 (Flip Flops are acceptable for any occasion).

Nico Crisafulli wrote Secret Spots of Paris – 7 Unique Recommendations at AirTreks Travel Blog. The combination of photos, historical facts, and personal descriptions gave me a few ideas for whenever I end up in Paris next.

Susan Forshner Frechette presents Gibraltar, fiercely patriotic posted at transient travels. If you plan to visit Gibraltar at some point, this post will give you an excellent initial feel for the culture with pictures to help tell the story.

Shannon O’Donnell presents Secrets in Ireland’s Heart posted at A Little Adrift Travel Blog. Having been to Ireland this fall, I can relate to the beauty of that unbelievable country and the MANY secret spots the country has to offer. Further, Shannon just seems to be an all around personable writer that pours her soul into her writing.

Jodi Ettenberg penned up her thoughts on The Limits of Long-Term Travel: It Doesn’t Fix Everything at Legal Nomads. She’s right that long-term traveling isn’t going to solve all your life’s problems, but it’s a hell of a way to spend your life. I have to admit, Legal Nomads wasn’t in my RSS reader prior to tonight, but it is now; I’m a huge fan of the strong voice in Jodi’s writing.

Amanda presents Why I’m a Weenie When it Comes to Solo Travel posted at A Dangerous Business. The 81 comments provies what a beautiful piece of writing this is about a topic that so many travelers battle with — solo travel.

Bethany Salvon wrote How to volunteer on your first organic farm posted at Beers & Truthfully, the photography work in this post are enough to warrant inclusion on their own, but there some useful information for those thinking about volunteering on a farm as well.

Emily Gerson, who needs no introduction for regular Gen Y Travel Blog Carnival readers, get a mention for her Keystone, Colorado, Day 3: Dew Tour & River Run Village at Maiden Voyage. Just goes to show that you don’t have to go jet off to exotic foreign lands to have a little fun.

Ayngelina presents 5 Reasons to visit Northern Peru posted at Bacon is Magic. Short. Sweet. To-the-point. I want to visit.


What can I say — Laura Keller’s Homeward Bound over at Round We Go was unbelievably awesome. I was hooked upon seeing the first photo in this post (of Mount Kilimanjaro) & seeing the word “Jambo” in the first paragraph since I was just there a couple months ago. Laura and her husband are returning to the states after 14 months of traveling and this is her reflections on what that means to her. I’m happy to see she ended her post with this quote:

Some people grow up knowing they want to be a doctor or pilot. I grew up knowing I wanted to see the world. After 14 months on the road, I have to say: I’ve only just begun.

That’s a wrap! If you’re interested in being included next month, submit your favorite post by January 31st. Thanks to Emily for giving me the chance to host!!

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