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Travel Inspiration: An Interview with Talon Windwalker

talon windwalkerToday I’m talking with Talon Windwalker, the founder and dad of 1Dad1Kid.com, a travel blog sharing stories and advice about travel, food, and world-schooling.

We’ve mentioned before our goal to inspire every person in the world to get a stamp in their passport, and one of the ways to overcome any of your own perceived hurdles is to look to the people, projects, and stories of those on the road. Talon and his son represent a unique duo who have faced their own challenges to make their own world-schooling adventure a reality and I am so happy to share with you a bit more about this family duo.

1) What do you do?

If we’re talking about for income, my main source of income is my blog right now. I also receive a tiny bit of money from two ebooks I’ve written. When we’re in an area with good diving, I also sometimes work as a scuba instructor. I’m working on some other income streams at the moment as well.

2) What was your biggest obstacle to traveling and how did you overcome it?

I’ve never really believed I had an obstacle to traveling. At first I thought I needed much more money than it actually requires to travel. We’ve been traveling full-time as nomads since May 2011, and we live off less than 1/4th the income I had previously. And I’d say our quality of life is 3000 times better.

Traveling with my son was more of a concern because he had some special needs, and I wasn’t sure if travel would work out for him. Instead he’s completely thrived beyond my wildest expectations.

I just don’t believe in obstacles existing in my path. Instead, I see them as things encouraging me to think differently to get around them.

3) What are you most excited about right now?

It will sound completely corny but life. I suffered with chronic depression for most of my life, and since I began this nomadic lifestyle I’m joyous and love my life. I’m excited every day because there’s always something new to experience.

4) What’s next for you?

I’m focusing more on my passion for doing art (drawing and painting), and I need to work on the 2nd book in my fantasy novel series. I also began a travel food-related blog, and I’m working on getting that growing and moving.

5) What’s a cause you’re passionate about and why?

I have so many! I would have to say world schooling (aka unschooling) and free-range parenting. They’re such different concepts from what I grew up with, and they’re just amazing at what they accomplish.

A big thanks to Talon for sharing his approach to facing obstacles, as well as his current passions and projects, if you’d like to connect or find out more about Talon, you can find him on his OHW profile.

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