Koh Phi Phi – Better The 2nd Time Around

It’s no secret many travel destinations are better the 2nd time around — it’s always easier to have a good time if you know the lay of the land, spoken to a few friends/travelers who have visited the same destination, and have already figured out what NOT to do. I visited the island of Koh Phi Phi back in 2008 and stayed 3 nights — and thought the island was truly an unreal experience. But four years later, my friends and I visited and ended up staying 6 nights. I couldn’t live on the island (it’s a bit too “busy” for me), but I’d definitely recommend an extended stay if you can.

For those visiting Koh Phi Phi in the future, you should make sure you do the following:

  1. Do a day tour and see Maya Bay, Viking Cove and Monkey Beach. You can get a cheap tour for 350 baht that lasts 4 hours (but note the boat is essentially a water taxi and the only food you get is pineapple at the end)
  2. Hike up to the viewpoint that overlooks the whole island. It’s easily one of the best views I’ve ever seen anywhere in the world. There is quite a crowd that gathers up there for sunset.
  3. Watch Muay Thai boxing at the Reggae Bar
  4. End your night by hitting up all the various beach bars playing techno music
  5. Eat at Papaya and Noodles. Papaya is right near Reggae Bar and has amazing food (the cashew chicken is amazing) at great prices — but don’t visit Papaya is you HATE cats. Noodles offers quite simply the best Pad Thai I’ve had anywhere in the world (and it’s cheap).

View from Koh Phi Phi Viewpoint at Sunset

Maya Bay

Cat in the beer fridge at Papaya

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