Mobile Web Startup “Oh Hey World” Streamlines the Travel Experience from the Moment of Arrival

OHWiconOh Hey World is officially out of private beta and into a limited public beta. Below is the press release that will hit the wire tomorrow morning (update: press release here)…

Mobile Web Startup “Oh Hey World” Streamlines the Travel Experience from the Moment of Arrival

March 12, 2013 – Today is the private beta launch of Oh Hey World, a mobile website solution created to be the best way to arrive in any city in the world. The site uses a centralized location sharing service to solve two pain points particularly applicable to frequent travelers: sharing their safe arrival with friends and family back home, and connecting with those who are nearby and care to meet.

The moment a traveler arrives in a new city, they can use their mobile phone to inform their loved ones of their safe arrival via email, update their status on Facebook and Twitter, and text a nearby friend to connect. Currently, that process requires several services at best, and half-a-dozen at worst.

Oh Hey World’s intuitive check-in process across multiple services simplifies the travel experience, and the site’s innovative community interface acts as a discovery tool for travelers to connect with new faces over shared interests.

“Fragmented location sharing has been a problem for a long time,” says co-founder Eric Roland. “Our team knows this problem first-hand, and so we created an easy way for travelers to update their location across all channels – both publicly and privately – and to really ensure those who care are easily notified of their safe arrival.”

The site’s other key solution is to help travelers connect with other travelers in each location. The platform allows users to view their Facebook friends who are nearby, as well as connect with community members over shared experiences, passions, values, and affiliations.

Co-founder Drew Meyers has spent five years involved within the microfinance industry building, and he notes,“I traveled around the world for two and a half years and my one regret was the knowledge that there were so many missed connections in each place I visited – with Oh Hey World, we created a solution to the frustration so many travelers experience on the road.” Oh Hey World partnered with Month of Microfinance so travelers interested in microfinance can connect to other like-minded travelers in each city they visit.

Travelers can check in via mobile Web, email, or with a text message; native iOS and Android applications are planned.

The private beta launch is limited to the first 2,500 registrants with a registration code, or those with an invite from a current user. Select partners will announce registration codes to their audience, and our ongoing partners can be found at

About Oh Hey World, Inc.
Oh Hey World was co-founded by Drew Meyers and Eric Roland in September 2012. Both founders are avid travelers and have worked extensively within the startup and technology space before pairing up to launch Oh Hey World. Roland brings more than 17 years experience in software architecture to the table, including his knowledge as a former team lead for Telepoint. Meyers worked at real estate site where he ran the API program and was also instrumental in the company’s social media and community-building efforts. Full public launch is expected by May 2013. Oh Hey World, Inc. is based in Seattle, Wash., and Louisville, Ky.

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