Most Desired Destinations, Part 2


Eastern coast of Ghana

I thought I’d continue the theme of most desired travel destinations I started. Over the last couple weeks, I asked seasoned travelers the following question:

What destination (country or city) is at the top of your list of most desired places to visit, and why?

The goal was to get beyond the established locations like London, Paris, Rome, Bangkok, etc. Below are some additional responses…

Dani Blanchette – Going Nomadic

There’s a ton of places, but one place I really, really want to go is Indonesia.  I want to see komodo dragons, have Sumatran coffee (my favourite kind) in Sumatra, and go see archaeological remains in Java.  I also want to see a real volcano.

Shannon O’Donnell – A Little Adrift (Oh Hey World advisor)

Africa is at the top of my list—and I know that’s a broad answer, but I’ve been to so many countries and yet I haven’t made it anywhere in Africa. If I had to narrow it down though, I would start my journey with several months of volunteering in Kenya.

Jessie Speilvogel – Split Aces Media

Thailand because if Thai food is this good in the states… I can only imagine what it’s like when I try the real deal! Also, I’ve got a bucket list to attend to, and Thailand, Singapore, Laos, and Cambodia are all waiting to be crossed off.

Val Dawson – This Way to Paradise

I most want to go and discover Brazil. The Brazilian people always seem so happy and full of life. I don’t want to just go to the touristy spots either, as I have met many locals who have told me about some of the hidden spots such as Porto Segura.  I also can’t wait to try Brazilian food, as this is a type of cuisine that I’m am not yet familiar with.

NaEun Park – Nanana Travels

My most desired place to go is India. It’s been a country I’ve always wanted to go to but held myself back for a long time. I grew up in Southeast Asia since I was 7 years old and always wondered what it ‘feels’ like to step into the region for the first time. I don’t really remember anything apart from the fact that it was hot and I didn’t get to experience too much of a ‘culture shock.’ I think India will be one of those places where I’ll get to experience it but I also wanted to make sure I was mentally prepared and be open to whatever I experience there – basically, letting go of all expectations. I think I’m ready for whatever India will show me and I’m looking forward to visiting it very soon!

What destination is at the top of your list?

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