Most Popular Destinations for New Years Around the World

Many travel during the holiday season to visit family, friends, or to spend the time in a unique location. There are many destinations around the world where communities and cities host fantastic celebrations for these winter holidays. Hot spots for winter holidays come in all shapes and sizes, from cold mountain peaks and ski resorts, to humid beaches with colorful shades of sand. Consider some of these destinations to experience awesome New Year’s Day festivities this coming new year! You’ll be sure to find something new and exciting, and won’t be disappointed with your ending year experience.

New York City, New York
In the United States, few places rival the popularity of spending New Year’s Eve in New York City and Times Square. Every year, approximately one million locals and visitors arrive for the pleasure of watching the massive 12 foot, 12,000 pound crystal ball fall from the sky. In recent years, the festivities have also included live celebrity entertainment. This city also has tons of other things to try from famous restaurants and sights, to award winning plays and productions. Use your New Year’s trip to get a true New York experience and find something everyone will enjoy.

Most Popular Destinations for New Years Around the World - new york

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
If still pondering a holiday destination, follow Discountrue to receive the best deals on flights and Travelocity packages, and consider the Brazilian city known for its extravagant celebrations. World renowned Copacabana Beach is the place to be for the largest New Year’s Eve party on the planet. Millions arrive and gather along the 2.5 mile stretch of beach where the Reveillon unfolds. The local cultural festival combines religious and traditional beliefs, as locals donned in white attire toss flowers into the ocean to honor the sea goddess Yemanja. Oceanfront stages feature live concerts and dance performances. At midnight, all are treated to a massive fireworks display.

Rio de Janeiro is also home to some one-of-a-kind historical hot spots. Explore this unique city and learn about the varied and intense history behind the people and culture.

Sydney, Australia
The popular Australian metropolis happens to be the first destination in the country where midnight occurs. The city also presents the largest fireworks display in the world. The first begins at 9 P.M. and the second presentation starts as the clock strikes 12 midnight. Millions who attend the festivities also have the chance to witness the dozens of lighted vessels take part in the Harbour of Light Parade. There is also an exciting aerial acrobatics show. Aboriginal community members also make an appearance and perform a special ceremony to rid the area of evil spirits.

Apart from New Years, spending time in this city is an amazing opportunity to experience the quintessential Australian home. Check out the opera house, beaches, museums, hotels and more.

Edinburgh, Scotland
New Year’s Eve is a grand celebration for the Scots who call this occasion Hogmanay. The festival begins on December 30 and spans three days. Events begin with a torchlit procession through the city that concludes with a beautiful fireworks display. Street parties and concerts abound. At midnight on December 31, more than four tons of fireworks are ignited and explode over Edinburgh Castle. Other scheduled activities include a dog sledding competitions, the Loony Dook Parade, and jumping into the icy waters of the River Forth.

Finding things in Edinburgh isn’t hard to do either. You can explore historical castles, churches, museums and more. Taking a quick trip to the countryside is a great opportunity to see some purely Scottish sights as well.

Prague, Czech Republic
New Year’s in Prague is something you have to live once. The pub and club scene is perfect for partying and ringing in the New Year. The downtown city has an amazing celebratory air, and the fireworks display that explodes over the city is a delight to locals and tourists alike.

You’ll also be able to tour and see some unique historical sites and castles in this area.

It is not too late to make some New Year’s travel plans. Travel to the location of your choosing and enjoy a lifetime of memories after experiencing one of these amazing celebrations. Have a great New Year as you end 2015 with a bang and a new experience.

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