My Trip To Bali

Growing up in Sydney certainly made me love the city that I was in and and I definitely did not have the idea that I wanted to go out and explore. For years people have been telling me to travel to different parts of the world and for some reason it was not until recently when I realized that I should listen to their advice. I looked through the internet and tried to find a country that I have never heard of and I planned to take a trip to that place right away. The first country that I saw was Bali and I knew right away that this was my first destination on my travels. Since I was able to get cheap flights to Bali, the Bali holiday packages were certainly making me excited to go on my trip.

My Water Adventures

When I finally got to Bali, I realized that this is one of the most beautiful places that I have ever seen. This was certainly something that I have never seen in the United States and for years I was so used to the Australian lifestyle that I was so blown away as to how beautiful Bali was. The first thing that I knew I had to do in Bali was to do all the adventurous things and so I asked the locals where I can find the best place for white water rafting. They told me where to go and I was sure to somehow find my way to the place. After finally finding my way to the area, I realized that there was so much more than just white water rafting as there water skiing, fly fishing and even a water park. I was so amazed and still can’t believe how much fun I had in the water.

Food Was Amazing

After that crazy first day of adventures, I was starving and knew that I needed to explore and find some food that I have never tried before. I searched and asked around for the best place in the area and they led me to a small restaurant near the resort and to this day I cannot believe how great that food was. For years people have raved about the food in Bali but it was not until I finally tried where I realized that they were right.

Golf Courses In Bali

As an avid golfer, it was also nice to be able to play golf the next day and golf in Bali was somewhat different because the golf courses were not as straightforward as my golf course in San Francisco. These courses were actually very difficult and I was enjoying the fact that they were challenging me to play better even though I was on vacation. After the golf round, I then found my way to learn more about the culture and habitat as I found my way to the local zoo and looked at all the amazing animals and species that they had. I have never seen most of the animals that I saw and I was amazed that there were so many things that I have never seen simply because I have never been able to really travel.

If you are serious about getting out of Australia and finally exploring the world, the first place you must really go to is Bali simply because of the fact that it is a place that not a lot of Australians go to and so you must really give it a shot. My trip to Bali was certainly something that I will never forget.

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Melissa Davis

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