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One of the main reasons I joined the team at Oh Hey World was that I saw great potential for students traveling abroad.  As I’ve detailed in previous posts, I studied abroad in Strasbourg, France, and some of my favorite and most valuable experiences involved meeting European students with similar interests and aspirations in life and finding localized recommendations for things to do.  Oh Hey World makes this easy by facilitating connections with like minded travelers while keeping your friends and family up to date on all your adventures.  Here’s a brief guide on Oh Hey World for the student traveler.  If you have any questions or ideas, feel free to email me at martin@ohheyworld.com.

Oh Hey WorldStep 1) Set up an Oh Hey World Profile

This is easy and pretty self explanatory, enter any interests you want to pursue or talk about with fellow students; these can be anything from “German Beer” to “Ballet.”  Make sure to enter “student” and your study abroad program (if you’re the first one, you can make up a tag) as a quick filter for finding fellow students in your new home and staying in touch with those in your program.

Step 2) Create a welcome kit.

Once you’ve settled into your area, set up a welcome kit for other students of local bars, coffee shops, hang out spots, and places of interest so that other students will have a list of the best spots to frequent when they check into your city.  You’re going to develop specific knowledge of your city amazingly quickly that other students can benefit from. More info here.

Step 3) Invite friends

Oh Hey World is a network and it works best when that network is large.  Then, whenever you check-in to a new place, you will have a ready-made list of people to meet and places to check out as you travel.  Go to your profile, select “settings” and click on the find friends button.  Then enter the email address of a friend and send them an invite to the Oh Hey World Community.

Step 4) Check In

Whenever you travel to a new place (study abroad is perfect for a little extra-curricular travel), check in.  You never know who will be visiting or living in a new city until you check-in.  Moreover, Oh Hey World will point you towards students with similar interests in an area, making finding people and forming connections not just a perk of traveling, but a central part of the traveling experience.

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Martin Bergstrom

Martin Bergstrom is a marketing intern at Oh Hey World. A recent graduate from Kalamazoo College, Martin previously worked in politics before making the jump to start-ups. He is particularly interested in changing the ways people interact with both each other and the world around them through technology.

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