We’re Setting it Free – Oh Hey World’s Location Sharing Platform is Now Open Source


We’re setting our code free… will you fly with us?

Oh Hey World is now a 100% free, open source location sharing platform allowing you to share your location with the people, communities, and web & mobile services that matter.

As I mentioned in my Pando Daily post, we’ve gotten a lot of feedback such as the following over the past 12 months:

  • It would be great if all my friends were using it
  • It would be great if everyone who cares about microfinance were using it
  • It would be great if a large number of people in Barcelona were using it
  • It would be great if there was great advice for every city in Thailand

The classic chicken and an egg problem.

The location sharing components we’ve built at Oh Hey World, need a “home” within existing groups and communities. The fact that it’s now completely open source, gives anyone the ability to customize and tailor the offering to the needs of their specific community.

What’s on GitHub now?

Those using the site consistently today, are largely those who are using the first connected service we built – the WordPress plugin.

We know we won’t solve the location sharing opportunity on our own. Not even FourSquare is close to doing that. The goal is to build a community that believes that a connected travel experience, is a better travel experience. And, collectively, build the tools, webservices, apps, communities, and notifications needed to bring transparency to traveler locations in a way that enables them to spend time with the people that matter.

The platform needs more inputs and outputs. More connected services. That’s where the open source platform comes in. We’re leaving it up to you, the community, to adapt and grow it to fit your needs.

Do you want to fly with our group of socially conscious people committed to connecting with other like-minded people? If so, join us – go ahead, and dig into the GitHub repo (or email us if you’re not a developer).

Press release can be found here: http://www.prweb.com/releases/2014/02/prweb11609447.htm

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