People Location API

Have an application or web service that involves knowing a person’s location (at the city level) or time zone? But don’t have a good way of getting your user base to continually keep that location current? Event applications or local commerce and news applications fit the bill.

Our API requires a user name as an input, and returns their current location.

Example input:


Example output:

{"user":{"first_name":"Drew","last_name":"Meyers","total_days_traveled":260,"user_location":{"":[],"location":{"city_state_country":"San Francisco, California, United States","country":{"name":"United States","flag_url":"/system/countries/flags/000/000/176/original/us.png?1356126739"}}},"countries":[{"country":{"name":"United States","flag_url":"/system/countries/flags/000/000/176/original/us.png?1356126739"}}]}}

Applications and services built with the API:

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