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How to Make Money While Traveling?

dollarbillsThere are a LOT of blog posts out there on the interwebs talking about how to make money while traveling.

But I’d urge you to change your thinkings on this subject.

Too many ask themselves “How can I make money to fund my trip?”

Instead, ask “How can I help others?”

We all know everyone has to make money to make financial ends meet to live, but you’ll find success a lot easier to come by if you think about helping others and adding value to THEIR lives rather than trying to simply enrich your own. Don’t just put out crappy blog content, offer a crappy consulting service, or write a crappy ebook — for the sake of making a few dollars for yourself if you’re not adding real tangible value to someone else’s life.

The people that take that mindset, are the ones likely to succeed. Those that don’t focus on helping others are going to be left diluting the web with more crap and an unsustainable business model once your audience realizes you are simply ripping them off for your own benefit.

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Drew Meyers

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