Travel Inspiration: Thoughts from Anna Lysakowska

Today I have Anna Lysakowska here to talk about his travels, work and passions. Anna started traveling and blogging in 2010 and shares her journey on her site, Anna Everywhere, about traveling the world as well as living as an expat.

1) What do you do?

Good question. I’m working at a marketing company as a content manager and I’m also a freelance translator. In my free time, I do pole fitness, dance, and of course, I travel. I’d call myself a working traveler with a base because I always make time to travel. You can find out more about my way of traveling in this section:

2) What was your biggest obstacle to traveling and how did you overcome it?

I suppose my fear is that I’ll never be able to stop. A few years ago my old friends started buying houses, getting engaged, and having kids. I knew I couldn’t do it because I might want to live somewhere else. I somehow felt addicted to traveling and although my parents gave up on the idea of me ever settling down, at the moment I live with my boyfriend in the Netherlands.

3) What are you most excited about right now?

I’m going to revisit California in May, this time with my boyfriend. It’s been 3 years since the last time I visited the West Coast so it’ll definitely be nice to meet my old friends and eat awesome seafood again.

4) What’s next for you?

Since as mentioned before I’ve decided to work full-time at Flipit, I cannot plan my trips immediately. However, I’m already organizing the logistics for my big trip at the end of the year: certain parts of Asia and further exploration of the Middle East. I chose these destinations, because it’s not very touristic and I loved the places I’ve already visited – Israel, Qatar and Turkey.

5) What’s a cause you’re passionate about and why?

After my trip to Zimbabwe as a volunteer, I became passionate about volunteering in general, especially when it involves wildlife conservation. It’s a great way to meet interesting people and help support worthy causes you are interested in. I can see how the idea of volunteering often scares people, due to the fee they usually have to pay in order to participate. It seems ridiculous to them that apart from working they also need to pay. However, if you research and find honest and accredited volunteering agencies and programs, this fee goes a long way towards helping the cause you are interested in supporting.

A big thanks to Anna for sharing his successes and projects; if you’d like to connect or find out more about her recent travels, you can find her via her OHW profile.

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