Welcome Kit Instructions for Early Adopters

The user interface to creating welcome kits is a bit clunky. Don’t worry, we’ll clean it up prior to allowing anyone to add and edit their own welcome kits.

Instructions to add a welcome kit to a city so others can see it through your eyes

  1. Search for the city in the upper left search box. If the city you want to leave a tip for doesn’t return a result when you search for it, then you’ll have to check-in there to get it into the database (then you can delete it immediately after).
  2. From the search results screen for the desired city, navigate to the “edit city” button and click it
  3. Add expertise (a short sentence explaining why you are knowledgeable about the city – no commas accepted) and interests (separated by commas)
  4. click “save”
  5. Refresh page
  6. Click “edit city tips” button again – navigate down to the individual tips section. Each tip can be a maximum of 256 characters (it won’t let you put in anything longer). No html within the tip is allowed, just one link – which can be added at the bottom). The “link value” is the URL, and the “link name” is the anchor text that will be used (Website, More Info, etc)
  7. Add one tip at a time, and click save after each one. The “category” field can be used to group your tips into sections – ie “Things to Do”, “Pubs”, or “Coffee Shops” would be types of tips.
  8. Click “view city tips” button to see your tips.
  9. You can edit your tips by viewing your tips, and clicking the “edit” link that is right by the “likes”
  10. If you have questions or run into problems, then shoot Shannon an email – shannon@ohheyworld.com

Some sample Welcome Kits can be found for New York City, MiamiSeattle, Santiago, and Chiang Mai, Thailand (among other cities).

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