Wifi Hotspots in Perissa Beach, Santorini

I spent this past summer living in Perissa Beach with a four other friends, and here are the places we frequented for internet access on a regular basis:

Bob’s Bar – The Wifi was strong, staff is extremely friendly and were very accommodating with pulling out their extension cord for us when we needed power to charge our computers. The internet cut out occasionally, but they would reset the router for us within minutes usually. A few times, the internet was completely offline for a day or two as a result of the internet company or lack of paying the bill — but they always got it resolved within a couple days.

Atlas Bar – I spent the most time here of anywhere all summer. Sometimes the network cut out or went extremely slow when numerous people were on it simultaneously (or someone was trying to download a massive file or watch a video), but wifi is reliable at Atlas for the most part. There are two outlets to use (both located up near the ceiling in white receptacles) – one near the front of the restaurant and one near the back.

Beach Bar – Great strong wifi that seldom cuts out with one convenient power outlet that you can use if needed. Definitely not a place to use wifi (quietly) late at night – the bar gets packed and extremely loud. One negative I should point out is that if they don’t have the Air Con turned on inside during the day, it’s a sweat box and unbearable on an extremely hot day.

Matrix – This is an internet cafe that you have to pay for, but the internet is very reliable and the computers are nice with big headsets. If you find yourself needing to print something or need a quiet place for a phone call, this is the place. Cost is about .50 Euro for 30 minutes if my memory serves me correctly.

Have you visited a location somewhere in the world and want to write a post about Wifi access there? Let us know.

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