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Many backpackers traveling the globe maintain travel blogs. However, most backpacking bloggers we come across are using or Blogspot. Both platforms get the job done, but they are not specific to travel in terms of the plugins and themes. In addition, we’d like to create a community of backpackers and will focus on driving additional traffic to blogs in the Oh Hey World Network.

What You’ll Get:

  1. WordPress blog
  2. Will reside at[yourblogname]
  3. A selection of popular widgets and plugins that travelers have told us they like
  4. A selection of themes focused on travel
  5. Free web hosting and maintenance

Requirements to use our platform: In order to give free hosting, we require you maintain one advertising module at the top of the sidebar of your blog. Other than that, you are free to customize your blog as you wish!

If you have requests for additional features, plugins, widgets, or themes — you can leave them in the suggestions section of our forum.

If you’d like a free travel blog on the Oh Hey World Blog Network, fill register with us and then out the form below with your details and we’ll get back to you with next steps.

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