Preparing for RTW Trip

How do you prepare for a round the world (RTW) adventure? Sell you car, put your stuff in storage. So many things to do, where do you even start?

Honestly, you just have to do it. Decide. And it’s done.

Here’s a decent check list of all the things you have to take care of prior to boarding the plane:

  • Make sure your passport isn’t going to expire anytime soon
  • Ensure you have two debit cards. Preferably, one MasterCard and one Visa as there are some places you may end up where a VISA or MasterCard machine is not available. A Charles Schwab card is a good option, since they charge no fees on international transactions
  • Get a backpack
  • Move what material items you have to storage
  • Know your travel budget
  • Decide where you want to start your journey
  • Buy a plane ticket
  • Sell your home, rent your home, or end your lease
  • Say bye to all your friends
  • Hop on the plane
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