Be Happy With Less

If you are in the travel blogging community, you likely already know Anita Mac (Travel Destination Bucket List) recently committed suicide. I’m not going to write much, since I’d likely just be re-hashing everything that has already been written. Here are a few posts to read:


At the end of the day, remember to not get caught up in the thinking MORE of anything will make you happy. There is no prize out there – you have to be happy within.

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Drew Meyers

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  • BeyondBlighty

    I love that quote, and that frame of mind has helped me on so many occasions. What happened with Anita is such a tragedy. Sometimes things all go bad at once and really get on top of you and it’s hard to see yourself ever being happy again, but life can change so much over time and time does heal a broken heart. I wish Anita had waited out the heartache and pulled through the other side.

    • Milda Ratkelyte

      Agree with you completely! Time does heal and although you are never able to forget and fully move on, you learn how to live with it and manage it better. Unfortunately know from my personal experience after very unexpectedly losing my father and the loving relationship all at the same time last year. Finding the little things to be happy about everyday makes a difference.

      • BeyondBlighty

        I’m sorry to hear that. I was very down 5 years ago when my ex moved abroad and my mum lost her battle with cancer, but after a few months of grieving, I decided to immerse myself in other things. My life has been so incredible recently as a result. I’ve run marathons, travelled the world and worked on my blog. I’ve met hundreds of new people by putting myself out there and have a massive support network now, and I feel like a completely different person. I hope my experience can give other people hope that the same can happen to them.

      • Sorry to hear it Milda..glad that it sounds like you’ve come out the other side alright.