Celebrate National Hot Dog Day near your hotel in New York City - there's bound to be a stand on the corner!

Best Places to Grab a Bite on National Hot Dog Day

Get out the ketchup! Every July 23 is National Hot Dog Day, a summer celebration of the must-have grill food. Eateries all over the world serve up their own version of the classic hot dog, but if you’re looking for something a little more adventurous, there are great national — and international — wiener joints out there to satisfy your cravings.

Katz’s Deli

New York has long laid claim to being the home of the American hot dog, and if you’re in the city, you can’t do much better than Katz’s Deli. Order the classic, a big, all-beef hot dog loaded with sauerkraut and just a touch of mustard.

Gene & Jude’s

What makes a true Chicago dog is a much contested , but many would agree that the best place to go is Gene & Jude’s. Their classic, no-nonsense dog is served with mustard, onions, tomato, a pickle spear and some relish, all pushed into a poppy seed bun. What emerges from this is a delectable combination of sharp and sweet flavors.

Dat Dog

New Orleans has recently been making waves in the wiener game, thanks mostly to the strength of local franchise Dat Dog. Never a city to back away from spice, New Orleans finds it own classic dog twist in Dat Dog’s simply named hot sausage, an Andouille-inspired, hand-ground creation that sets the mouth on fire. The French Market Inn, located in the historic French Quarter, is a short distance away from one of their three locations.

Montreal Pool Room

Not eager to let Americans take all the hot dog credit, Canada has put quite a spin on the classic dog themselves. The Montreal dog is steamed, not grilled, and layered with mustard, onions and coleslaw. The best place to grab one? The Montreal Pool Room, one of the oldest and most traditional joints in town.


For those a little more south of the border, Santiago, Chile is your hot dog mecca. The classic Chilean dog is known as a completo — Spanish for complete, which here means a wiener loaded with mashed avocado, mayo, sauerkraut and chopped tomatoes. The best place in the city to find one is Domino, a soda fountain with multiple locations, which makes it easy to try out for anyone staying at a hotel in Santiago.

Hungry yet? No one’s suggesting you book a flight out specifically to sample these hot dogs, but if you’re in the area, there’s no reason why you can’t do your taste buds a favor and grab a dog to try.

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