Cheap Flights from Miami to Quito

There are some crazy Labor Day specials from the US to South America at this weekend. One of the cheapest fares is from Miami to Quito starting at only $390! You must purchase a roundtrip ticket by September 6, 2011 11:59pm (EST) and complete your travels by December 30th to take advantage of the special pricing.

Of course, with any airfare special, restrictions apply

  • Flights operated by: LAN ECUADOR.
  • Fare aplicable to fly Economy.
  • Required booking class Q.
  • Minimum stay at the destination: Saturday night.
  • Maximum stay at the destination: 3 months.
  • Travel must begin on or AFTER September 09, 2011.
  • Travel must begin on or BEFORE November 30, 2011.
  • Travel restriction: Valid for travel commencing on/after September 09, 2011.
  • Travel restriction: Travel must be finished by December 31, 2011.
  • Sales restrictions: Ticket must be purchased on or before September 06, 2011.
  • Travel permitted for flight departure the day(s) Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday.
  • Travel permitted for flight return the day(s) Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday.
  • Prohibited flight numbers: 4M6300, 4M6301, 4M6302, 4M6303, 4M6304, 4M6305, 4M6306, 4M6307, 4M6308, 4M6309, 4M6310, 4M6311, 4M6312, 4M6313, 4M6314, 4M6315, 4M6316, 4M6317, 4M6318, 4M6319, 4M6320, 4M6321, 4M6322, 4M6323, 4M6324, 4M6325, 4M6326, 4M6327, 4M6328, 4M6329, 4M6330, 4M6331, 4M6332, 4M6333, 4M6334, 4M6335, 4M6.
  • Advance purchase: Ticket must be purchased at least 7 days before departure.
  • Child fare (2-11 years): Accompanied 75% of an adult fare.
  • Infant fare (0-2 years): Without a seat 10% of an adult fare.
  • Changes are permitted with a penalty of US$ 50 on or before date of flight departure.
  • Changes are not permitted after date of flight departure.
  • Refunds: On or before flight departure day refund is not permitted
  • Refunds are not permitted after date of flight departure.
  • From Miami fare allows travel in the following dates: From 01/SEP/11 Through 12/DEC/11
  • From Miami Travel is not permitted in the following dates: From 15/DEC/11 Through 23/DEC/11.To Miami Travel is not permitted in the following dates: From 01/JAN/12 Through 12/JAN/12.
  • Government taxes and fees of up to USD 105 , varying by destination, are not included and may vary slightly depending on currency exchange rates at the time of purchase.
  • Fares subject to change without previous notice. Seats are limited.
  • A September 11th Security Fee of $2.50 USD per flight segment that originates at a U.S. point is not included in the fare.
  • Flights may be operated by LAN Airlines S.A., LAN Peru S.A., LAN Argentina S.A. y Aerolane, Lineas Aereas Nacionales del Ecuador S.A.
  • Other restrictions may apply.

More details here.

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