Cheap Flights from Miami/New York to Sao Paulo, Brazil

Really — is there anyone who doesn’t want to go to Brazil? Well, for those of you in either Miami or NYC – there’s no better time than now to buy a plane ticket. As part of their Labor Day specials, is offering roundtrip tickets from New York or Miami to Sao Paulo starting at just $749 if you complete your travels by December 30th and buy your ticket by Sept 6 at 11:59pm (EST).

As always, restrictions apply:

  • Flights operated by: LAN.
  • Fare aplicable to fly Economy.
  • Required booking class Q.
  • Minimum stay at the destination: Saturday night.
  • Maximum stay at the destination: 3 months.
  • Travel must begin on or AFTER September 09, 2011.
  • Travel must begin on or BEFORE November 30, 2011.
  • Travel restriction: Valid for travel commencing on/after September 09, 2011.
  • Travel restriction: Travel must be finished by December 31, 2011.
  • Sales restrictions: Ticket must be purchased on or before September 06, 2011.
  • Travel permitted for flight departure the day(s) Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday.
  • Travel permitted for flight return the day(s) Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday.
  • Prohibited flight numbers: 4M6300, 4M6301, 4M6302, 4M6303, 4M6304, 4M6305, 4M6306, 4M6307, 4M6308, 4M6309, 4M6310, 4M6311, 4M6312, 4M6313, 4M6314, 4M6315, 4M6316, 4M6317, 4M6318, 4M6319, 4M6320, 4M6321, 4M6322, 4M6323, 4M6324, 4M6325, 4M6326, 4M6327, 4M6328, 4M6329, 4M6330, 4M6331, 4M6332, 4M6333, 4M6334, 4M6335, 4M6.
  • Advance purchase: Ticket must be purchased at least 7 days before departure.
  • Child fare (2-11 years): Accompanied 75% of an adult fare.
  • Infant fare (0-2 years): Without a seat 10% of an adult fare.
  • Changes are permitted with a penalty of US$ 100 on or before date of flight departure.
  • Changes are not permitted after date of flight departure.
  • Refunds: On or before flight departure day refund is not permitted
  • Refunds are not permitted after date of flight departure.
  • To Miami Travel is not permitted in the following dates: From 02/JAN/12 Through 10/JAN/12.
  • Government taxes and fees of up to USD 95 , varying by destination, are not included and may vary slightly depending on currency exchange rates at the time of purchase.
  • Fares subject to change without previous notice. Seats are limited.
  • A September 11th Security Fee of $2.50 USD per flight segment that originates at a U.S. point is not included in the fare.
  • Flights may be operated by LAN Airlines S.A., LAN Peru S.A., LAN Argentina S.A. y Aerolane, Lineas Aereas Nacionales del Ecuador S.A.
  • Other restrictions may apply.

Seems like a great deal to me, though I admit I don’t know how much tickets normally run. Now, if only I could get to Miami or NYC extremely cheaply.

More details here.

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