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Desserts Around the World Worth Traveling For

Traveling around the world is an adventure in and of itself. But what makes the adventure even more delicious? Planning your trip based on the best desserts worth traveling for! And why take one trip when you can take several? Whether you are a full-blown foodie that savors the unique combination of exotic ingredients or your average sweet tooth who enjoys a simple yet delectable treat at the end of a meal, there are many unique desserts available to sample as you travel the world on your next adventure. From Tire sur la Neige to Martabak, here are just a few of the amazing desserts to build a trip around.

Haupia: A popular treat in Hawaii, Haupia is a thick, coconut pudding made from coconut milk, a thickener, sugar and salt. It’s like the islands’ version of gelatin with a tropical twist. Can’t you picture yourself sitting on a beach, enjoying Haupia along with a fancy drink and umbrella?

Crème de Abacate: Avocados are good for you, right? Why not enjoy a dessert that might actually offer some health benefits! Crème de Abacate is a specialty in Brazil where there is an abundance of avocados. This yummy dessert is composed of mashed up avocados, milk and sugar. It is garnished with lime wedges and served both hot and cold. Talk about a versatile dessert!

Tire sur la Neige: This simple dessert is a classic when traveling to French Canada during the winter months. Buckets or troughs are filled with snow. Then, maple syrup is poured over the frozen flakes. The liquid syrup quickly becomes taffy-like and is rolled onto sticks. What a fun treat before or after hitting the slopes! If you happen to be staying in a Quebec hotel like the Fairmont Le Chateau Frontenac, this treat is also called tire d’erable.

Martabak: Head to Yemen, Indonesia and you will delight in these delectable desserts. Originally a street food found in Saudi Arabia, there is now a sweet and a savory version available. Choose between a chocolate and cheese stuffed fluffy pancake sprinkled with chocolate rice, jam and crushed peanuts and the savory, not as fluffy version filled with meats (traditionally mutton), onions, eggs and other herbs. This decision will likely be the toughest thing you encounter on your world-traveling dessert trip!

Now, where did you put your passport and your elastic-waist travel pants?

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