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Finding cheap hotels in New York isn't the only way to travel on a budget.

7 Tips For Traveling Across The Country On A Budget

If you’re going to try to see the countless amazing sites across America, you’ll need to get started now. And if you’re hoping to remain within a budget, you should definitely follow these tips.

Invest in a Federal Recreation Pass

Some cities are always going to be expensive, but if you think ahead and buy a Federal Recreation Pass, you can enter federally-funded recreation areas throughout the United States for free. This includes places like the Grand Canyon and Yellowstone Park. You can even have some friends tag along!

Bring Your Own Groceries

If you’re driving across the country, a cooler with lunch meats, soda and condiments can come in handy at rest stops. Even when you’re staying at a hotel, it’s best to have food stored in the refrigerator. Save eating out for those special restaurants that you just have to try.

Check out Free Sites

Even if you don’t pay for a pass to see national landmarks, there are countless sites you can visit for free. From the National History Museum in D.C. to the French Quarter — which also has low cost hotels in New Orleans like Historic Streetcar Inn — there are definite stopping points that can be accessed on a shoestring budget.

Bring Friends Along

If you’ve opted to see the country via automobile, one of the best ways to stay within your budget is to bring friends along. Not only will you get a better value on your Federal Recreation Pass, but you’ll also be able to split the cost of fuel and your lodging. Just imagine, for instance, how much more affordable a trip to The Big Apple would be if you weren’t footing the bill for New York hotels and taxis alone.

Utilize Travel Aggregation Sites

Online travel sites have become a popular way of saving money. Using travel aggregation sites like Hipmunk, which seek out the lowest prices from all the top travel sites, is an ideal way to save money on traveling.

Use Technology for Cheap Gas

Imagine if you knew which gas stations along your route had the lowest-priced fuel. Just think of how much you could save! That’s exactly what GasBuddy does. You can check out their website or download the app, and never overpay for gas again!

Avoid Dining In When Eating Out

When you do opt to buy food from a restaurant, it’s best to place your order to go. This will minimize the necessity of tipping. Even if you find a cheap hotel in cities ranging from Chicago to El Paso, tipping can quickly wipe out the money you’re saving on a low-cost hotel.

Traveling across the country doesn’t have to be an expensive proposition. There are now many methods for saving on cross-country trips. Fortunately, this means great travels without breaking the bank.

Staying in a non-central Florence hotel will save you money on your upcoming Italian vacation.

5 Ways to Stretch Your Budget in Florence

Florence — the Cradle of the Renaissance — is a magnetic and romantic riverside city that evokes wonder and amazement. A cultural and artistic gem, this city buzzes with tourists all year. With so much to offer, a trip here can get expensive. However, these savvy tips will help you stretch your budget to get the most out of your Italian vacation.

1. Stick to Cheap Eats

Tuscan food is downright delicious. In Florence, you don’t have to break the bank to enjoy it. During your stay, stick to affordable eateries. Order homemade tagliatelle at Il Vinaino, eat from the buffet at Oibo and get everything from soup to cow stomach at Da Vinattieri. Taking advantage of the complimentary breakfasts at your Florence hotel will also help you save.

2. Save on Lodging

You could spend hundreds of euros on one of the best hotels in Florence, but why do that when you’ll be out sightseeing most of the time? There are plenty of cheap hotels in Florence available, from hostels to chain motels. During any point of the year, you can spend well under $100 per night on a comfortable room in a nice area of town.

3. Get a Firenze Card

If you plan on seeing several museums and other attractions, the Firenze Card is a no-brainer. It’s affordable and allows you admission to most major tourist sites in Florence, including Galleria degli Uffizi, Museo Nazionale del Bargello, Museo Galileo, and others. The card also gives you free use of the public transit system, helping you avoid a costly rental car.

4. Haggle When You Shop

When you shop for artwork, leather and other goods in areas like Oltrarno, know that prices are typically negotiable. That painting you just love could be had for 75 percent of the original asking price — if you know how to haggle.

5. Come During Off-Season

Arriving in Florence when it’s not tourist season is a great way to pay less on your flight and accommodations. These are two of your biggest expenses, and you can save hundreds if you come between mid-September and March, excluding Christmas time.

From booking affordable hotels in Florence to bargaining, there are a myriad of ways to stretch your budget. Just remember to not spend extra money when you don’t need and you’ll have more money left in your pocket at the end of your trip.

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