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Stick with one carry-on and ship some of your luggage first. Whether you're going to a hotel in Dubai or a resort in Jamaica, it can make traveling much easier.

Pack for a Multi-week Vacation in a Carry-on

Maybe you’re going to Europe to enjoy hotels in London and other major cities on the culturally diverse continent. No matter where you’re headed, keeping your packing limited to a carry-on bag offers two benefits: You won’t have to pay any checked baggage fees on your flights, and you won’t have to lug around a huge bag from one city to the next. It might seem like an impossible goal, but you can live out of a carry-on bag for weeks when you follow these tips.

Make a List

It may seem obvious, but the simple action of making a list helps to solidify and consolidate essentials, even if it’s just in your own head. From there, it’s easier to then eliminate the items that can be purchased at your destination. For example, toiletries are often available at hotels or nearby convenience stores. Having a list available as you pack eliminates the haphazard guessing that leads to an overstuffed suitcase.

Wear Layers

Wear as many layers as possible to the airport, but be sure to leave yourself enough time to strip down to one layer when going through security. If you wear a shirt, sweater and coat plus your heaviest shoes, the largest pieces of your wardrobe won’t need to be packed. Wearing layers is especially helpful when you’re staying somewhere like Taj Palace Hotel in Dubai, a city where the temperature can drop over 20 degrees from day to night.

Ship It Before You Go

If you’re going on a long trip to just one city, mailing clothes before you set out on your trip can make sense – just be sure to do the math before you head to the post office to make sure it’s cheaper than checking a bag. This option makes the most sense when you travel to cities in North America; for example, those staying in a hotel like Westin Harbour Castle in Toronto may save money and time by shipping their clothes. Be sure to call the hotel prior to your trip so that they know a box is arriving for you.

Choose Lightweight Clothes

A sweater takes up a lot more space than a long-sleeved shirt, so opt for lightweight clothing when you’re packing. Neatly folding your clothing is one way to make the most of limited space; rolling clothing into a tight tube also works. Clothing also acts as an ideal base to cushion your electronics, chargers and shoes.

Checked luggage fees add to the cost of flying, and lugging bags from one location to the next during a long trip is no fun. Stick with a list, wear layers on your flight and consider mailing clothing to your destination to cut down on baggage, and you can brag to your friends about your extreme packing skills.

6 Cool Vacation Spots To Beat The Heat

There’s no denying that it’s extremely hot outside, and it will only continue to get hotter as we make our way deeper into summer. To beat the heat, or at least take a break from the high August temperatures, check out our list of some great cool weather vacation spots. Stay a week or maybe even a month in some of these locales, and enjoy the crisp and refreshing weather!

Screen Shot 2015-07-27 at 6.37.08 PM

1. A Cross Gulf Cruise of Alaska

What better way to beat the heat than by spending two weeks traveling through the icy waters of the Gulf of Alaska? Besides getting to stop in at Alaska’s main port cities, cruisers get to spend a lot of quality time exploring Alaska’s glacial landscape. To get there, travel first to Vancouver or Seattle, and then hop on board one of the many available cruise ships. After a few days of soaking in the cool sea breeze while standing on the ship’s deck, it’ll be hard to remember the scorch of summer heat.

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2. Camping at Glacier National Park

For outdoor enthusiasts, there’s no better place to enjoy cool temperatures than at Glacier National Park in Montana. Snowfall persists late into the hottest parts of August, which means that hikes and camping in this park are guaranteed to be chilly and refreshing. And if the cold air of the mountains gets to be too much, visitors can always retreat to the mild warmth of the park’s meadows and creek beds.

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3. A Stay in Reykjavik, Iceland

A trip to Iceland’s beautiful capital city is a no-brainer solution to beating summer woes. In fact, Reykjavik is the world’s northernmost capital city, which means that temperatures are guaranteed to be low and cool. Venture out for a snowy hike or simply enjoy being able to walk outside in a city without having to be on the constant lookout for AC.

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4. An Antarctic Cruise

Though travel to Antarctica is not cheap, a once-in-a-lifetime excursion to the land of ice, polar bears, and penguins might be just what some travelers need to recoup after sweltering summer temperatures. Grab passage on an Antarctica cruise and trade in those swim floaties for some warm fur gloves.

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5. Hiking in Patagonia

While it may be deep summer for countries north of the equator, there’s a whole world of pleasant and temperate weather waiting way down south. One great destination to visit below the equator is the Patagonia region of South America, which straddles the border of Chile and Argentina. A popular site for backpackers, spend a few weeks or a month traversing the cool, icy landscape. Make sure to check out the Perito Moreno Glacier and the Argentine Lake District.

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6. A Restful Visit to Lunenberg, Nova Scotia

Lunenberg is the perfect spot for the tourist looking to escape the heat for weather that is cool, but not frigid. This beautiful waterfront town in Nova Scotia is a UNESCO World Heritage sight and boasts a bevy of exciting water activities and quaint B&Bs. Temperatures in the summer hover between sixty and seventy degrees, which makes for a calm and serene atmosphere.