Time to Float On a Root Beer Boat

August 6 is National Root Beer Float Day, and it couldn’t come at a better time! The dog days of August practically demand fizzy, frozen goodness. It’s a simple treat that’s all about the quality of the root beer, and some places do it better than others. If you’re craving the perfect root beer float, check out some of these locations.


A&W is a classic root beer brewer, and the company now has restaurant locations all over the country where you can order a float anytime you like! On National Root Beer Float Day, A&W offers their delicious, classic treats to customers for free from 2 pm until closing.

Bell, Book and Candle

NYC residents, rejoice! Bell, Book and Candle off of West 10th Street makes some of the most indisputably delicious root beer floats around. Every ingredient at this renowned spot is made from scratch, giving the resident root beer float that homemade flavor you won’t find in a franchise store. Check out hotels in New York City and surrounding areas when you’re planning a visit during the root beer madness.

Old Town House of Jerky and Root Beer

San Diego has a delectable secret: the Old Town House of Jerky and Root Beer. This place offers a variety of unforgettably delicious root beers and jerky made of every imaginable kind of meat. Stay at the La Quinta Inn in Old Town to be nearby for return trips.

Jake’s Ice Cream

Being able to enjoy a root beer float from Jake’s Ice Cream in Atlanta is a bit of a unicorn experience: People rave about the float, but it’s not always available because it sells out so fast. This August 6, though, the establishment plans to go out of its way to keep their beloved refreshment on tap.

Red Robin

Red Robin is famous for its burgers and its bottomless root beer floats. Load up and keep going, because you can stuff your belly with as much of this sweet concoction as you want. If you’re hanging your hat at a hotel in Los Angeles, Cleveland or any other major U.S. city, there’s sure to be a nearby location where you can check out this scrumptious deal.

Beat the August heat with a root beer float at one of these convenient locations. Whether you travel specifically for the fizz or just happen to be in the area, don’t forget to honor this American tradition and cool yourself off in the process!

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