Adventures to Experience in Australia

If you are looking for a great vacation full of fun and adventure, look no further than fabulous Australia! With a diverse ecosystem that ranges from the arid outback to the subtropical climate of the Gondwana Rainforests, Australia has an action-filled excursion for everyone. So make your plans, pack your bags, call your travel agent and do not forget your travel insurance cover! It is time to head out for an adventure!

One of Australia’s best known features is the remote areas of dry desert known as the outback. While it is sparsely populated, there are still many places to visit there. Alice Springs in the Northern Territory is a well-known destination in outback. With a population just under 30,000, the town is big enough to provide comforts for a traveler yet still small enough to retain its outback charm.

Another attraction in Australia is the Great Barrier Reef, the largest reef system in the world. The reef is composed of more than 900 islands and almost 3000 individual reefs located off the northeastern coast of Australia. Scuba divers love visiting the area where an array of sea life can be observed in the clear blue water, but boat trips are available for those who wish to stay on the ocean’s surface. The Great Barrier Reef is definitely a must for anyone who appreciates natural beauty.

Some people are surprised to learn that Australia, so well-known for the outback, also is home to the world’s largest area of subtropical rainforest known as the Gondwana Rainforests. Just as the outback and the Great Barrier Reef have completely different ecosystems, the rainforest is a vibrant area full of wildlife and plant life. With beautiful waterfalls, scenic vistas and more trees than you can imagine, the rainforest is another destination waiting to provide you with a vacation adventure.

Of course, any discussion of vacation spots in Australia has to mention the thousands of miles of beaches that line the continent’s coast. From the beaches of Western Australia’s wine country where surfing is a popular pastime to the more than 70 beaches of Sydney that range from secluded bays to strips of golden sand popular with tourists, you can find the perfect beach for any activity.

So what are you waiting for? Adventure awaits in many varieties in Australia. It seems the only thing that is not there is you!

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