Avoid the Biggest Mistake Beginning Travel Bloggers Make Early On

What’s the biggest mistake a travel bloggers can make early on?


Specifically, backing yourself into a corner by making your first blog entirely focused on the RTW trip you are about to embark on. That approach works great — until your trip comes to an end and you end up doing something else (95% of you won’t travel forever).

For most, starting your travel blog is your first true online presence. It’s the first time people will read your writing online. It’s the first time you will open yourself up to public scrutiny. Heck, you may even create a blogging community and get a few people beyond your family to subscribe to email updates. My advice?

Think about the long term. Brand your blog around “you” and don’t pigeon hole yourself into your RTW trip. This approach gives you the flexibility to pivot the blog to other topics in the future as your life progresses and takes the inevitable wild turns that loom ahead.

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