Dublin Ireland

The Beautiful Town of Dingle

Dublin Ireland

Ever since the day I watched the movie ‘Leap year’, Ireland made a very special place in my heart. The town Dingle shown in the movie took the number one slot in my list titled ‘must visit places of the world’. It was after a year that my dream became a reality. I had saved money the whole year to make sure I fulfilled my dream. Going by a friend’s recommendation, I booked a cheap flight to Dublin and to make my reservation in Dingle Bay hotel. It took me approximately four hours to reach Dingle from Dublin. Dingle, a small town in county Kerry, Ireland was more beautiful than my imagination. In my short 5 day stay, I fell in love with the town. Here are some of the amazing places that I visited during my trip.

Eask Tower

On my first day in Dingle, I went to visit the popular Eask tower. This is a stone tower on top of Carhoo Hill. The tower overlooks the Dingle harbor. From the top, you can also see a large proportion of the Dingle peninsula including Blasket Islands and Ireland’s highest mountains – Mount Brandon and Carrauntoohill. Standing on top with the wind blowing, this place offered a spectacular view that left me mesmerized.

Gallurus Oratory

Believed to be a Christian church, Gallarus Oratory is made from large cut stones. The Oratory has sloping side walls. It is said to be built somewhere in between 6th and 9th century. The dimly lit room is small and interesting. I loved the tiny round-headed window opposite the entrance door. As told by an Irish local, the local myth is that whoever goes through this window will have his soul cleansed. The church stands at a beautiful location.

Dingle Peninsula

The Dingle Peninsula is located near the town of Dingle. My visit to the Slea Head was one that I can never forget. I doubt I can explain the beauty of this place in mere words. This scenic landmark provided a beautiful view of the Blasket Islands. It is the perfect place to meditate and hear the sound of waves against the rocks. The Dingle peninsula is home to some of the most stunning beaches. Unfortunately I just got to visit one. The Inch beach was truly one of the best beaches I had ever visited. It has appeared in many movies because of its beauty. Surfing, swimming and the long walk at this beach was a wonderful experience.

Eask Tower

Saying Goodbye..

Saying goodbye is never easy, especially if the place is as beautiful as Dingle. But I was happy that I had made such wonderful memories. The amazing sights and locations captured in my camera serve as a reminder of my delightful trip. I wish my stay could’ve been longer. Surely there were many other places to discover. The Irish traditional music, pubs, cafes and delicious fish will always be remembered. I’ll miss the Goat Street Café the most which was my usual place for lunch during the stay.

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