Group of Uruguay Fans in Santorini Celebrating their Victory over Ghana

A group of us were watching the Ghana-Uruguay game last night at Meltemi, a bar here in Santorini that plays English commentary for all the World Cup games. Across the way at Grandma’s, a small restaurant that sells primarily gyros, a huge group of Uruguay fans had congregated to watch the game. They were loud every step of the way, but their celebration when the game was decided for good was a pretty memorable experience. Seeing celebrations like this is part of what traveling is all about. I didn’t stay out after the game last night, but I could hear hooting and hollering all night from my balcony a few blocks away. Below is a minute long video I recorded from my camera of their victory celebration:

Regardless of how cool it was to see the celebration in person, I’m with David Gibbons when he said on Facebook “I don’t care what the scoreboard says; Ghana won. Shame on Uruguay.” The blantant handball in the 120th minute was a shame to see (you can see that handball on the HuffingtonPost if you missed it).

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