Last Minute Travel Decisions are Awesome


Have you ever made a really impulsive travel decision?

Yup. Just last week actually.

A few days ago, two friends and I were smoking shisha wondering where to go next after 5 nights in the gorgeous paradise called Koh Phi Phi. One of them has to fly back to Zanzibar on January 25th, so we had about 10 days to work with. Do we fly straight to Laos and go tubing? Do we  fly to Cambodia to Angkor Wat (I had already been there in 2008)? Do we randomly fly to Bali and hang out for a week?

We ruled Laos out because the flights from Phuket were too expensive.

That left us with Bali and Cambodia. How did we decide between those two? We literally flipped a coin. And Bali won.

However, a few minutes later I spoke on gchat with my designer at ESM Exec Designs who lives in Indonesia. She mentioned that she had lived in Bali for a year, and that this time of year, the weather in Bali would be really bad (read: lots of rain). So we reverted plans and went with our 2nd choice — Cambodia (which was actually last on my list since I’d already been there in 2008). And we proceeded to book a flight from Phuket to Bangkok the next morning for about $70 per person. We weren’t quite sure whether we’d stay in Bangkok a night or two, take a bus to Cambodia immediately, or fly straight to Siem Reap. Upon arrival in Bangkok, we went to Bangkok Air sales, found a decent deal on a round trip from Bangkok straight to Siem Reap (and returning out of Phnom Penh) and booked that flight to Siem Reap departing in 2 hours.

We started our discussion over shisha on Kob Phi Phi. 24 hours later, we were sitting in Siem Reap drinking beers on Pub Street.

Travel plans are always in flux when you are doing long term travel with no real timetable, and sometime you end up waiting. Last minute travel plans are always quite an adventure. And that’s the fun of it.

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