Life is a Game, Football is Life – Trailer

Football, also known as soccer to us Americans, is a sport that transcends borders. Whether you are in Ghana, Greece, Kenya, Brazil, or anywhere in between — if there is a major English Premiere league game on (or certainly a World Cup game), you can bet you’ll find a group of locals watching the game somewhere nearby. You can also bet that you can find a group of kids kicking a ball around a ragged field on any given day somewhere nearby as well. You’ve probably heard the saying that “life is a game”, but football is life for many — and all you need is a ball.

Life is a Game, Football is Life (Trailer) from FLEX P. on Vimeo.

Football truly is “life” for many around the globe. I’m looking forward to seeing this film.

[via GoBackpacking]

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  • Thanks Drew! very nice to read your note and have our trailer on your blog. Camille