Ode to Dave

For those travelling to Europe, whether by semester abroad, holiday with family or good old fashioned backpacking there is one place that seems to be synonymous with fun and an expected stop on any itinerary. The Greek Islands, rightly justified in their inevitability they encompass, beauty, relaxation and fun among many other important travel factors.

Of course there is more than one to visit, hence “Islands”, but for most people the place that everyone seems to gravitate towards, including us, is Santorini.

Resting peacefully in the Aegean amongst the Cyclades cluster, its steep cliffs and caldera views reflects captivating beauty and one time chaos brought on by a massive volcanic eruption (that was felt as far away as Crete). But of course, like most places in Europe, a period of great unrest has brought about such a lovely tourist attraction. There are many reasons to visit Santorini: stunning Oia sunsets, colorful beaches, Mythos beer, etc, but this post is dedicated to a particular watering hole/restaurant in the small village of Perrissa Beach.

Atlas; conveniently located directly across the street from Anna’s hostel, this place is a can’t and shouldn’t miss highlight of Santorini. The place itself is nothing elaborate; it resembles your standard in Greek Island décor, but the highlight of this place is the charismatic, often wacky owner Dave.

By day – it’s free wi-fi, Nescafe and chilled out beats in the background. The portions are huge, the food delicious, and the wait staff friendly!

By night – it’s a party! Dave takes it upon himself to DJ, selecting from the thousands of songs he has stacked on several hard drives. Don’t be surprised if someone hands you a free shot or five of Racki, his signature drink. It taste like absolute ass, but I promise it will leave you wobbling. Usually as it gets later, the night gets stranger and if you’re lucky, Dave performs his famous bottle routine!

Anyone who goes there never leaves disappointed. We loved Perrissa and Atlas so much we ended up staying for 5 weeks instead of the 2 nights we originally planned. Go and be well!

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