St Lucia, The Caribbean’s Hidden Little Gem

The Caribbean islands are world famous for being exotic, vibrant and full of reggae reggae rhythms! When you visit here be prepared to not ever want to leave, as you will be entranced like so many poor souls before you will its stunning natural beauty and energetic national character.

St Lucia has to be one of the most overlooked Caribbean islands in contrast to its popular neighbors’ Jamaica, Barbados and Antigua. But the island of St Lucia is in a league all its own, and due to its lower profile than its sistering islands it has a lot more unspoilt natural beauty and hidden treasures to offer the more intuitive traveler.

Unlike the other Caribbean Islands St Lucia is more renowned for Jazz than Reggae, and you’ll definitely be able to hear that intoxicating rhythm wherever you go. To sample a real taste of St Lucia’s Jazz delights, you should come to the island when they hold their annual Jazz festivals all throughout the summer seasons. Such events as ‘Jazz on the beach’ and ‘Tea time Jazz’ are acclaimed throughout the global Jazz community and see the likes of the Pantime Steel Band, Luther Francois and the amazing Black Ants Band rock the crowds here to the point of euphoric hysteria! Last year the infamous Shaggy graced the stage of this monumental Jazz scene, who has enjoyed international stardom from hits such as ‘Mr Boombastic’ and ‘You’re my angel’. The St Lucia Jazz festivals also allows amateur musicians to have a go at entertaining the Jazzed up crowds if you so wish to. So if you fancy yourself as a bit of a Jazz musician, get in contact with the main orgainsers before you go, there details can be found on the St Lucia’s Jazz homepage.

St Lucia also holds annual Carnival events in July that have built up such a reputation, it now rivals the world famous Brazilian Carnivals. This is because St Lucia’s Carnivals incorporate many many different cultural forms from all over the world such as art, music, dance, theater and costume, but also with a unique style and touch all their own! Thousands of visitors flock to St Lucia every year for these special events and if you’re a fan of soca and Calypso music you will be in your utopia! They also hold a ‘Carnival Queen’ title, but beware the locals prepare most of the year hoping to win this prestigious honor so the competition is fierce!

If all the above hasn’t persuaded you to come to St Lucia yet, maybe the 19,000 acres of beautiful natural rainforest might tempt you a little more. From heavenly hummingbirds to swooping tree bats and a vast array of mesmerizing tropical plants and flowers, you will be in your element trekking through these magnificent jungles. There are lots of guided tours on offer when you get to St Lucia, all offering a variety of different walks and Jungle activities.

What are you waiting for? Come to St Lucia and have the holiday of a lifetime!

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