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The Art of Globe Dancing

There is something to be said on the way people view the world versus the way they experience it. While the world’s media tends to cast a shadow over all of the beauty and wonder around us, all you need to do is enjoy it the way YOU see it. This is the foundation of a unique travel experience.

I’ve always tried to travel with a sense of disconnection. Forget about the overbearing stress of work, relationships, and money, and enjoy the story you’re writing. Of course, this can be a challenge, and it is easy to drift off into the world of…well, HOME. But fear not my fellow globers, just take a tip from my friend and travel nurse, Felicia.


I found this video on Felicia’s wall the other day. Just back from an adventure filled trip to “The South” (South America, not to confused with Birmingham, Alabama), Felicia and her travel buddy Sadie were sore with laughter and smiles when they uploaded their unique travel style that I very simply titled: Globe Dancing.  With so many adventures to be had, and only a realistic amount of time to take them all in, these two found a way to capture the essence of their trip, and put a very warm smile on my face.

It all starts with a beautiful hike in Ushuaia, Argentina.

“Honestly, the first and last clip of the video was the start of it all. We were hiking and it was just so freaking beautiful that we just started doing a crazy mother nature dance and decided to film it. And then we thought it would be cool to try and get more clips of dancing elsewhere and with some of the awesome ass people we met.”

That’s right! A “crazy mother nature dance”. These two didn’t hog the free spirit, they passed it around to everyone they met. As a result, they now have this amazing footage and synopsis of their travel story together, along with a handful of new friends. I won’t spoil your plans with the rest of their itinerary, but I must say, this was the best trip I’ve never been on.

 “When I was putting it together, I kept thinking “my mom is really going to love this”,  I hope it makes people want to get out and travel and to just have fun in life.”

Oh you definitely inspired me. Time to dust off the dancing shoes, it’s gonna be an eventful summer everyone.

Adam Shinners

Adam loves the unfamiliar. He is a social butterfly, and lives for a good story. You can catch him joking around, playing with his dog, or planning his next adventure with his group of friends. As a native to Seattle, he is no stranger to gorgeous geographical landscapes, and wants the world to experience...well...the WORLD 🙂

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