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Thoughts after 1 Week in Medellin

I’ve been in Medellin, Colombia for 1 week. The question I get from everyone I speak to…

How’s Colombia?

In short, it’s great. There is a great vibe here. A few details…

  • I’m staying in a 4 bedroom apartment in the Laureles neighborhood, with Will Moyer (OHW’s designer) and two other expats from the states.
  • The expat scene is largely English teachers and digital nomads working on various online businesses.
  • Many (most) of the locals don’t speak English, which makes me feel helpless at times. “Yo hablo un poco Espanol.
  • Wifi is very reliable, I’ve had no problems with Skype calls as of yet from my apartment. Some of the cafes have too much background noise to make calls from though.
  • Java Bean Cafe is great.
  • Taxi drivers don’t have a clue. But I guess that’s no different than many other cities abroad. Drivers don’t have GPS enabled phones like Uber and Lyft drivers, which certainly makes it harder to navigate.
  • Contrary to popular belief, the city (at least where I am living) seems safe.

I haven’t really ventured outside the city yet for any excursions, but I’ve still got three weeks until I leave on the 29th. If you have any recommendations for things to do or contacts I should reach out to, please do let me know in the comments.

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