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4 Reasons You Need to Explore Park City’s Backyard

Although the Uinta Mountains may not be a household name outside of Utah, with their vast beauty, they really should be. With their proximity to one of the nation’s best mountain towns, an abundance of stunning lakes, and endless trails, the Uintas can’t be beat. Take all the beauty of the Uintas plus the fact that you can potentially have the trails limited to you and maybe a handful of people, and you’ve got yourself a serious hidden gem. Enjoy the amenities of Park City, then head to the Uintas to explore their natural splendor.

1. Cataract Gorge

Like waterfalls? This hike and scramble leads you along the river and down into Cataract Gorge where you’ll pass by dozens of waterfalls, very few people, and catch amazing views along the way. Learn more.

2. Island Lake

You can turn this day hike into an overnighter if you bring your pack and your camping supplies. Either way you choose, be sure to enjoy your surroundings and have a little fun cliff jumping and swimming in this pristine lake. Learn more.

3. Grandaddy Basin

Hike up to Grandaddy Lake and if you’re looking for a slice of paradise to yourself, don’t stop there. Keep trekking a little further to one of the twenty lakes in the surrounding 2 mile radius. Learn more.

4. Amethyst Lake

This challenging hike is for the more adventurous traveler. Hit the the trail on this 13 mile roundtripper and if you time it right, be sure to snap your sunset picture of the peak reflecting off the lake.  Learn more.