The Ultimate Guide to Housesitting

Ultimate Guide to Housesitting

I met Dani and Jess (the Globetrottergirls) in Chiang Mai earlier this year and could instantly tell they were full of life and energy to explore the world, and as genuine as you get. Since they departed in March (I think?), they have pretty much traveled around the entire world by housesitting, and now they’ve written a book so others can learn how to do the same.

I plan on writing a book someday, and know that it’s going to be a massive commitment of time when I do. Congrats for a job well done!

For those interested in housesitting, you can buy the Kindle version for $9.99 on Amazon – Break Free: The Ultimate Guide to Housesitting (affiliate link)

The description on Amazon:

The housesitting movement is quietly exploding…

People around the world are discovering this unique win-win arrangement where people can live free rent in exchange for caring for someone’s home and pets.

But housesitting is so much more than that! It allows you to travel the way you always imagined you would, but never knew how to make it work.

Ever have a dream trip not turn out how you expected? Like a trip to Paris you thought would be filled with wine, art and sophistication, but when you finally got there, you were crammed into the only generic hotel you could afford, slogging from museum to museum with blistered feet and a sunburnt nose, not feeling very sophisticated at all.

Imagine instead you spent a few weeks housesitting in a luxury condominium in a quiet neighborhood, entirely rent-free. You walk the dog to the corner bakery where they know you by name, and no worries if you don’t get to the museum today. You can always go tomorrow.

If not Paris, this could be anywhere, from two months on a private beach in Mexico, a few weeks in your own Manhattan apartment to a luxury cottage in the Scottish Highlands.

You don’t have to be a Fortune 500 CEO, a rock star or a billionaire to travel the world this way.

Break Free authors Jessica Ainlay and Dani Heinrich should know. Since 2010, they have been traveling around the world, housesitting in dream locations across four continents, like a Caribbean beach house in Mexico, an LA apartment right in Hollywood, a B&B in Tuscany, a house in northern Thailand and a luxury condo in the most exclusive neighborhood in Santiago de Chile, to name just a few.

Even if you own a home, you can still escape on extended getaways. There is no need to feel frustrated about focusing on climbing the career ladder, buying a house, but deep inside sill wishing you taken off on an adventure after college.

You can still visit the ancient ruins of Angkor Wat, stop off in Tokyo and spend a few months traveling around Australia – all while knowing your house and pets are in the good hands of the housesitter you handpicked before you left. You just need to get started with housesitting.

Break Free: The Ultimate Guide to Housesitting has over 100 pages packed with everything you will ever need to know about housesitting. It addresses concerns that might hold you back, such as the safety of having a stranger in your home and answers questions like ‘what is it like to live in someone else’s house?’ Most importantly Break Free guides you through the entire housesitting process from:

1. How to find housesitting opportunities
2. How to find the right housesitter.
3. How to get a housesit, even with no experience
4. How write a stellar profile
5. How to get your housesitter up to speed before leaving for your trip.
6. How to deal with issues of homeowner’s insurance, contracts and emergencies

Also included is an in-depth expert analysis of over 20 housesitting websites including membership rates and pros and cons of each, plus samples of profiles and applications to model yours after and detailed checklists to use during housesits.

Throughout the book, the authors also share many of their own personal stories, offering readers an inside look into the world of housesitting.

As a special gift, those who purchase Break Free will find a discount membership coupon inside for one of the most popular housesitting websites, meaning the book practically pays for itself.

By the end of Break Free you’ll wonder why in the world you wouldn’t get involved in housesitting and you will have all the tools to start right away!

I haven’t bought or read the book yet, but plan to. That said, I trust Dani and Jess enough to recommend this as a valuable resource for long term travelers.

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