The World Needs More iHubs

I’ve come to a conclusion — the world needs more “iHub’s“; a vast network of them all across the globe to be exact. I briefly mentioned this idea when my friend and I came across the iHub in Nairobi back in October. In Kenya, the iHub (where my friend Erik Hersman works) is likely among the fastest internet connections in the entire country of Kenya and seems to be a hotbed of entrepreneurial activity.

Granted I’m a travel addict and a bit of a nomad right now – but I would certainly pay a monthly membership fee for access to a network of iHub-type network of facilities I could utilize wherever I may be in the world. Maybe several hundred dollars a month? Especially if there was a strong sense of community among the members, and that network enabled me to build relationships with more like minded individuals who love traveling and technology, that would add to the value for me.

The location that really needs one (in my biased view of course)? Santorini. Tourist destinations such as Santorini could attract a whole new industry of tech savvy nomads to their shores for summers. Such a facility would bring more revenue to the island as a result of more expats living there all summer and spending their money at local establishments, even if many of those utilizing it were not paying EU taxes (maybe part of the monthly fee would go to government taxes). I would think this type of initiative would be something that would be in the best interest of the local government to help fund. Oh yea, Greece is just about bankrupt…scratch that idea. Any rich Greeks want to fund such a facility privately?

I think it goes without saying a network of entrepreneurial hubs would bring together new ideas and innovation from a wide range of cultures around the world, and I’m guessing a few unbelievable web projects would sprout up as a result. Certainly nothing bad could come from a community of geeky digital nomads, right?

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Drew Meyers

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