Top Attractions in Germany

The foreign travelers have realized that visiting to Germany is not a bad deal. Moreover after the reunification of this country; the travel profile has gone up. The capital of this country is Berlin, which is the most exciting place to visit in Europe. Hence you will see this place among the favorite destination by foreign travelers. The best part of Germany is that every city has its own history and travel attraction. So overall the country has unlimited places to visit making the country a worthy place to visit by the foreign travelers. However, visiting every place is difficult, hence let’s explore the top and limited
attractions here:

Neuschwanstein: This is an incredible kind of castle usually seen and heard in fairy tales. This place is located at the rocky hills near a place called Fussen somewhere in the Southern West of Bavaria. This place happens to be inspiring element in the making of sleeping beauty castles found in Disneyland parks. This castle was build and commissioned by the Bavarian king Ludwig II, though unfortunately he couldn’t enjoy the bliss of living in this place as was found dead a few days after the completion of this castle. Neuschwanstein happens to be among the top attractions of the country along being the one which is captured the most by countless cameras.

Brandenburg Gate: This gate happens to be the only gate remaining in the city of Berlin and of course a great interface between the Eastern and western part of the city. It was constructed somewhere in 18th century, it is considered to be an entry point to Unter Den Linden, which happens to be a major boulevard of the Linden trees leading straight to the Prussian monarchs’ palaces. Besides it is considered to be an important landmark in Europe.

The Heidelberg old city: Heidelberg happens to be among the top tourist attraction of the country, situated in the Neckar valley. The cities inside the country were ruined during the Second World War to some extent; however, this place was spared somehow. Therefore you can still find a number of picturesque cottages, the narrow streets and the infamous castle of Heidelberg.

Holstentor: This place is among the two remaining city gates found in the Lubeck city. This was constructed in the year 1464, though the gate now is converted into a museum. Owing to the presence of arched entrance with two charismatic towers, this place is considered to be a great symbol of the city Lubeck. Indeed a great attraction in Germany for tourists.

Cologne Cathedral: It is among the oldest and greatest cathedrals in Germany and is considered to be among the top landmark of the century. It was constructed in the year 1248 and with couple of interruptions it took around 600 years to finish. It is certainly a good place to visit and among top attractions for the tourists in Germany.

This list can be called as a modest one to a large extent but certainly a must places for anyone who plan their visit to Germany. So whether you are planning a pleasure or business tour, make sure you visit them as indeed your trip wouldn’t be complete having visited to the above said points.

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