trinkets at the chiang mai night bazaar

Trinkets, Trinkets, Trinkets (aka Trash)

Seriously, I don’t understand why travelers buy trinkets. At all. Aside from burning a gigantic hole in your pocket and taking up more space in your bag, what do they do for you? Do they make you happy? Do they solve your problems?

When I see photos such as these…

…all I see in my mind is “TRASH“.

If I bought any of these trinkets, here’s what would happen:

  1. Trinkets would sit at the bottom of my backpack and take up space for the next few months, or whenever I happen to find my way back “home” to Seattle. Until I reach Seattle, I would carry them on my back wherever I go.
  2. Whenever I got home, the trinkets would be moved from the bottom of my backpack to the bottom of my closet — where they would collect dust for the several years until I get around to buying a place of my own (not happening anytime soon).
  3. Whenever I buy a permanent place of my own, the trinkets would be moved from the bottom of closet #1 to the bottom of closet #2.
  4. After collecting dust at the bottom of closet #2 for 5 years or so, they would be sent off to goodwill or the trash.

Or I can cut that 10 year cycle entirely and just not buy them in the first place.

Spend your money on experiences. I guarantee you’ll be happier for it.

Can someone explain to me why you buy this trash??

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