In what ways has travel taken you out of your comfort zone?

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In what ways has travel taken you out of your comfort zone?

I was always an introvert growing up. My public role at Zillow forced me to the middle in that introvert / extrovert spectrum. Still, to this day, talking to total strangers, and getting help from them is outside my comfort zone.

Guess what actually traveling entails?

Talking to total strangers. Asking them questions. Getting advice from them. Paying them for taxi services. Over and over.

Guess what actually having fun while traveling entails?

Hanging out with total strangers. Learning about them. Seeking out groups of people to hang out with. Over and over and over.

You get the point. Traveling requires constant interaction with others — most of whom you’ve never met before. That’s uncomfortable for many people, me included.

Some of the things I’ve done outside my “comfort” zone…

  • Going to a VERY Christian service in Ghana
  • Hiking Mount Kilimanjaro
  • Hanging off the back of a jeep in Ghana with 6 others (15+ inside the Jeep)
  • Being on the beach of Tangiers (in Morocco) – and getting the “What the hell are you doing here?” look by everyone
  • Almost getting robbed by a taxi driver in Hanoi
  • A spanish man in Barcelona attempting to steal my wallet WHILE shaking my hand

Travel forces you out of your comfort zone on a daily basis — because you’re not surrounded by your longtime friends on a daily basis who can help you. While you are traveling, if you want to make something happen? Guess what? You have to figure it out yourself.

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