Why Small Budget Travel Group Tours are Needed

Of course, tours are nothing new in the travel space — they are just normally reserved for those willing to pay the big bucks. We all know cost is one of the biggest barriers to traveling. Which is why I personally see a huge opportunity for small, budget travel tours for backpackers led by experienced travelers — tours like Wandering Earl is offering to India (which is sold out).

Earl has two huge things going for him:

  1. He’s spent a ton of time in India (and traveling in general with a count of 83 countries visited) – so he’s clearly qualified with experience
  2. A sizable audience of travelers

Both are requirements for a traveler to sell out space in a 10 person tour.

India is pretty high on my list of places to visit. Extremely high actually. I’ve traveled all over the globe, and generally love solo travel — but India is exactly the type of trip I’d rather embark on with a group rather than going it alone. I’ve heard you either love India, or completely hate it. There is no in between. I figure it’d be a guaranteed amazing experience with a small group that includes at least one person with fairly extensive experience navigating India.

I can tell you from my experience talking to travelers all over the globe, most who have not traveled extensively are scared to travel alone. Not finding travel mates is one of the biggest reasons (aside from cost) people don’t take the leap to travel, at least from those I’ve spoken with. I can also tell you from experience that, while most seasoned travelers really enjoy solo travel, every traveler always welcomes more travel buddies – and there are experienced travelers qualified and capable of leading a budget tour to just about any country on the planet.

Anything that helps knock down barriers to traveling is a plus in my mind, and small budget tours certainly fall in that bucket.

For the newbie travelers, is a small budget travel tour appealing? For the experienced traveler, is leading a tour at all interesting to you?

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