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Rent a hotel near Fenway Park to get the full Boston experience.

Five Ways to Immerse Yourself in Boston

Looking for a way to spend the day in Boston? You can climb aboard an amphibious vehicle for a Duck Tour, picnic at the Boston Common and Public Garden, mix with the intelligentsia in Harvard Square, catch a game at Fenway Park, or listen to the Boston Symphony Orchestra.

1. Boston Common

Boston Common is located in the heart of historic Boston, near some of the best Boston hotels. It is the oldest public park in the country, dating back to 1634. This is a gorgeous place for a picnic, a leisurely stroll or people watching. It’s also the starting point for Boston’s famous Freedom Trail. The adjacent public garden is a Victorian-era gem loved by plant and flower connoisseurs. Boston Common and Public Garden is on the National Historic Register.

2. Duck Tours

A great way to explore Boston is on one of the city’s famous Duck Tours. Sightseeing will never be more fun than on board a six-wheel-drive amphibious DUKW — colloquially known as a”Duck.” These modified two-ton military vehicles will immerse you in Boston history on land and in the water.

3. Harvard Square

Another way to get the full Boston experience is by visiting a spot that’s not technically in Boston. Head across the Charles River to Harvard Square, and grab a seat at the popular Crema Cafe or whatever restaurant looks good to you. You can enjoy your favorite beverage and even strike up a conversation with the locals. Enjoy a leisurely stroll around Harvard Square, browse the shelves in bookstores and mingle with the intelligentsia.

4. Fenway Park

Save your appetite for a Fenway Frank while watching a baseball game in Fenway Park, the oldest ballpark in Major League Baseball. Since 1912, Fenway has been the home of the famous Boston Red Sox. Before the game, you can get a close look at Pesky’s Pole and explore the stands above the world famous Green Monster, Fenway’s famous left field wall. You can even stay at the nearby Hotel Commonwealth in a room overlooking the ballpark.

5. Boston Symphony Orchestra

Boston also offers a wide selection of musical interludes. One of the best is the Boston Symphony Orchestra, which has been making music since 1881. Today, the Boston Symphony Orchestra presents more than 250 concerts annually. During the summer, the Boston Symphony plays at its outdoor venue in the Berkshires, about three hours west of the city, but you can catch a Boston Pops concert at the famous esplanade along the Charles River.

Ready to extend your stay? There are plenty of great Boston hotel options throughout the city.


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Serendipity on my East Coast Trip

We all know serendipity is amazing.

As some of you may know, I’m on a east coast business trip that has already spanned Boston and New York City, with the next stop being Philadelphia and Washington DC. There have been a few serendipitous components to the trip, and some missed serendipity.

1. My best friend in the world happened to be in Boston the same weekend I was. As a result, I got to hang out with her for two days which was of course a huge unexpected bonus (who doesn’t like hanging out with their best friend?). Yet if that scenario were to happen to anyone outside of my 4 or 5 closest friends, we likely never would have realized we were to be in the same city at the same time. I trade emails and texts with my close friends all the time. Not so with everyone in my network — even though I’d love to spend time with many of my more distant friends in another city.

2. On the bus to the airport in Boston to pick up my friend, I saw a girl at the back of the bus who looked almost exactly like one of my close friends from high school. Since I couldn’t quite be sure from the front of the bus and didn’t want to make a scene by approaching her all the way from the other end, I texted my old high school friend who now lives in Los Angeles, “Are you in Boston right now?” I got a text a few minutes later that said, “Nope, but will be in NYC on Sunday.” Holy crap I thought — that’s crazy, since I was headed to New York on Monday. Turns out we didn’t end up meeting up since she was just in and out for a client meeting, but we tried.

3. A fraternity brother of mine, who I last saw in Santorini in the summer of 2010, was in Boston for the weekend as well. We randomly saw that we were both going to be in Boston ahead of time based on random Facebook status updates and planned to meet up. We both completely spaced and missed each other.

More on serendipity to come…

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