Cruise down one of these scenic highways on the way to your hotel.

The 10 Most Scenic Roads/Highways in the World

There’s nothing quite like a road trip to fuel your sense of wanderlust and leave you feeling adventurous and happy for months to come. Put the pedal to the metal on one of these 10 highways.

1) Highway 101 – Oregon, USA

Stretching from the California border to the Washington state line, Highway 101 offers sweeping views of the Pacific and plenty of great beaches for surfing, picnics or camping. You can start your trip by booking a hotel in San Francisco and renting a car from there.

2) Going-to-the-Sun Road – Montana, USA

Spanning the width of the world-famous Glacier National Park at an altitude of 6,646 feet, Going-to-the-Sun Road is one of the most famous in the world. Drivers can expect Mountain Goat, bear, moose and Elk sightings as well as plenty of views of cliffs dropping thousands of feet into the valley below.

3) Amalfi Coast Drive – Italy

Widely considered one of Europe’s most beautiful stretches of road, the Amalfi coast drive stretches roughly 50 miles along the scenic Sorrento Peninsula. Drivers can look forward to bistros, white sand beaches, scenic bluffs and coastal towns along the way.

4) Icefields Parkway – Alberta, Canada

The Icefields Parkway road winds for 144 miles through the center of the Canadian Rocky Mountains’ World Heritage Site. Drivers make their way through Banff and Jasper national parks and are treated to sweeping views of glaciers, turquoise waters, wildlife and scenic vistas.

5) Hana Highway – Hawaii, USA

The Hana Highway stretches for 52 miles along Maui’s gorgeous central coast, offering pristine beaches, ocean views and plenty of tropical flowers.

6) Milford Road – New Zealand

Winding through the heart of the Southern Alps and Fiordland National Park, Milford Road is known for its diverse landscape. Drivers will see everything from rain forests to views of snow-capped mountain peaks.

7) Scenic Highway 12 – Utah, USA

Highway 12 gains about 4,000 feet of elevation along its 124 mile duration. The road winds through Bryce Canyon and offers expansive views of Utah’s famous red rocks and geological formations.

8) Great Ocean Road – Australia

Stretching from Torquay to Warrnambool in Victoria, the Great Ocean Road offers salty air, sea bird sightings and, if you’re lucky, a glimpse of a migrating whale. The road also runs by the Twelve Apostles, some of Australia’s most famous rock features.

9) Stelvio Pass – Italy

Known as one of the most dangerous roads in the world, high-altitude Stelvio Pass is not fit for the faint of heart.

10) Col de Turini – France

Winding through the Alpes-Maritimes of France, this dizzying road reaches an elevation of 5,500 feet.

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